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Friday, February 22, 2013

Review: My Konjac Sponge Ver. 2.0

Aa~ Hello minna-san! Happy Friday! ^^I'm trying to catch up with my posts,but yet I'm so miserable today--caught cold and have been sneezing since yesterday ;A; --so I'm trying my best to not mess up with my post! :D

Sponsored Review

Several weeks ago (already that long? O v O! ) My Konjac Sponge sent me two new sponges to review! And yes, I'm so happy about it. I almost cannot believe they trust me to review their items ;A; They sent me 6-Wave Body Sponge and the Volcanic Stone Facial Sponge! So happy! :3

When I first opened the package, I found something is wrong with the sponge, they seemed a bit different from my previous sponges (yes, I'm a loyal user of My Konjac Sponge. I've been using it for almost a year, this May will be my first anniversary of using Konjac Sponge :D ). Know what? NEW PACKAGING! SJASGHDHSJDLASKSL the new design is sooooooooooooo cuuuuute. It's all about swirls and foliages! Me likey! >w<

The old and new ones! vvv

Details on the new packaging below! :D

Swirls, swirls & foliage everywhere!

AAAAAND INSTRUCTIONS IN ENGLISH! WITH PICTURES! :DDDD no more looking up to Korean dictionary YEAY \(^o^)/

I've been using the sponges for about three weeks, and yes, I'm really fascinated how the sponges works. It doesn't even need a week or a month or three days to show the result--or to be exact, feel. Since the first usage, I can feel my body skin is a LOT smoother and feels comfortable to stroke LOL. Boyfie said I'm squishier since using the 6-wave body sponge (Squishy? Am I some kind of rubber toy? LOL).


This is my first time using the 6-wave body sponge, but as usual, I fell in love instantly with this one. My Konjac Sponge never cease to amaze me. LOL not because I'm also selling these sponges or the fact this is a sponsored review, but this is the truth about this magical sponge. Every single bath tim really feels like magic :3

Since I'm using this body sponge, I can feel my skin is a lot smoother. I used to have a problem with my body skin around my right waist, if seen under the fluorescent light, I can see a part that looks like snake skin (EW!!) which is super uncomfortable because it's like super dry and not good to see, although I'm the only one who sees it. I've using any kind of lotion I can find, from Ellgy to Citra to Etude House, but it's still there. I don't get why. 

But after I start using the 6-wave, I can see the snake-skin-like is vanished although very slowly, but sure. Happy? YES. Super happy! :D With this, I can assume the sponge isn't always about peeling your skin off (dead skin cells, I mean) but can also moisturising your skin. And no more lotion! AWWW YEAAAHH! (I sure am lazy when it comes to using lotion for my hand & body kkk). I'm pretty sure it's only nature that can provide magic like this, and that's why I really like My Konjac Sponge. It's 100% natural, additive & colouring substance free, will match any skin type includes the super to hyper-sensitive skin, and 100% bio-degradable. Should love Mother Nature, no? :)

The sponge doesn't require much attention for its maintenance, in fact, I think it needs no maintenance at all. You only need to soak the sponge before use, and after using it, you only need to press the sponge dry with your both hands (NO WRINGING, it'll tore the sponge apart! ;A;), and put it somewhere in your well-ventilated bathroom! Afraid of the sponge being moldy? Just put it inside the microwave, and voila! All of the germs will be gone! :D

And for the facial sponge, they sent me this Volcanic Stone which is also my first Konjac Sponge ever! (already reviewed before here, check it also if you want to :3)

Since I'm still using the Bamboo Charcoal one, I'm doubling up the sponge usage, I use both of the sponges for every bath. And thanks to that, I add 5 more minutes to my daily shower time! I don't know if I should be happy or sad about this LOL. Less time to sleep in the morning and risk of missing my favourite crime drama, but I'll have skin as smooth as a baby's butts. So be it, I'm sacrificing my sleep time and crime drama for more beautiful skin LOL! :D

Why am I liking this Volcanic Stone so much? BECAUSE IT'S PINK! LOL. Half kidding, half not. I really like pink, but it's not the only reason I pick the pink one. Because it's moisturising! Moisturising but not sticky, I'm confused but also happy! Kkk~ 

Although the sponge itself isn't that pink, at least it still has pink hints on it, but I can say it's dominated with red-brown colour IRL. The pic above used flash so it's pinker than it should be. Should a colour be a problem? LoL *selfslap*

My Konjac Sponge has subtle pores, it looks like a sponge cake! And that is why it can dispose water as quick as it absorbing water. I usually cleanse my face with facial foam first then rub my face with the sponges (I use Bamboo Charcoal-Volcanic Stone combo), so the sponges are remain intact, not touching any facial foam LOL. Actually, how you use it depends on you. You can use it together with the facial foam, or using it alone after (or even without) facial foam. Both has same great effect (at least to me). 

My mom tried this sponge and she kept commenting about how soft and smooth her face after using the sponge LOL. And yes, she also using this together with me, although she doesn't use it twice a day like me, and without Bamboo Charcoal combo, unlike me. Kkk~

My comments after using these sponges for almost a year? I'M FREE FROM DISGUSTING PIMPLES! Well, actually I still have 1~2 pimples on PMS. Yea, I hate hormones. But it can't be helped, but still it's so disgusting ;A; 

I'm serious, I usually have several pimples on daily occassion, although it's not my PMS, but they do appear. Since I use Konjac Sponge, I only got pimples on PMS. Other than that, NO. Really. So I can't stop using these sponges, I even brought the sponges everywhere I went on a vacation.

Collection? :D

I think I don't need any of Pros & Cons since I think there would be no cons from me for this sponges. I will keep using Konjac Sponges until the day I die LOL. 

Need to purchase any of the sponge? Please contact at their website or via Twitter, they will respond ASAP! :D And they're super kind and friendly! They'll answer your questions as much as they can, and they'll answer with smile! (I don't see them right away but I know--I just know! LOL).


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